Saturday, October 8, 2011


I reviewed Lucky (IPAN and the Spare Room, performed at New Theatre) for Australian Stage - you can read the review here.


  1. Of course... if you check your blog regularly Helen could contact you instead.

    I'm not allowed to have twitter/facebook or else I'd hit you up there. How's it going? Long time no see!

  2. Hi Helen! Long time no see indeed! Congrats on the BatG gig - as you can tell, I'm a shameless addict.

    Are you still in Canberra? I threw in the APS towel about six months ago and went back to uni to do my PhD (I'm in popular literature/pop culture, one of the many reasons I love BatG so much!) What's going on with you (besides your newfound stardom, of course!)?

  3. Yup, still in the Can (slang for a toilet and a gaol... somewhat appropriate, no?). Still working in the same team actually!
    Well, in the last year I've been working a lot, acquired another niece, got Cert II in French (working on Cert I in Dutch at the moment), won netball and hockey grand finals, and generally just exhausted myself. :)
    So you're back home? I love that part of NSW. Haven't visited it for a few years now because I keep jetsetting out to NZ and Europe instead... but one day I'll travel down the South Coast for a holiday.
    The PhD sounds interesting! Do you have a topic yet or is it one that hopefully solidifes into a topic sometime before the last six months? :P

  4. I do indeed have a topic - it's a literary history of virginity in romance fiction. I'll have a doctorate in trashy books, basically - highly useful in everyday society. :)

    Sounds like you've had a ton going on! Jetsetting sounds fun-tastic. Are you staying in the Can for the foreseeable future or are you going to change it up?

  5. Now that sounds interesting! It's a darn sight better than the title my thesis in stats would have had... "Financial time series dependence modelling and the Global Flu". Heh. When America coughs, the rest of the world currencies (except for Japan) sneezes.

    I'm probably staying in the Can for the next little bit. I'm actually enjoying the pace of life here - it's much quieter than Sydney. I saw your twitter post from tonight, btw. Thanks. :) I've never seen Pulp Fiction, but I remember the DVD cover with Uma Thurman. I sorta guessed John Travolta was in it as well. However, I'm constantly amazed at the vitriol expressed on Facebook and Twitter towards my fellow beauties and geeks by people who have never met them. But I ignore them because people like you are on there too. :)

  6. My research is super interesting - I'm hoping it will qualify me to be a social commentator on some heinous breakfast TV program. (Yours sounds like it might actually be applicable in the wider world - though stats and all things related to money goes straight over my head, so maybe I'm wrong.)

    Nil desperandum re Twitter. Some people are huge bitches, as the internet shows us regularly. Glad I can add a little pseudo-intelligent commentary (even if it's mostly COME ON HELEN YOU KNOW THIS YOU CAN TOTALLY GET THIS RIGHT GO GO GO GO GO!) ;)