About Jodi

Jodi McAlister is a PhD student at Macquarie University in Sydney. She is writing her doctoral dissertation on virginity loss narratives in Western culture, which means she does a ton of fun research. She works on genre, romance, love, pornography, pop culture, and autobiography, and has read over six hundred Harlequin Mills & Boon novels in the past couple of years. She also does a shitload of work on Fifty Shades of Grey and its oeuvre. Don't ask her about it unless you have a spare three hours to listen to her talk about it.

Jodi has been interested in theatre for most of her life. She practically grew up in community theatres, ran the theatre company attached to her university residential college, and is an award-winning playwright. You can read a pretty ramble-y account of her critical philosophy here, but basically she's unapologetically subjective and often long-windedly nerdy and intertextual. She is very interested in applying methods of academic literary criticism to the theatre, and sometimes she writes epic pieces where she tries to do it.

If you want to contact her, there's a page on the blog where you can do just that. Otherwise, you can email her at jodimca at gmail dot com. You can also find her on Twitter at @JodiMcA. If you want to read non-theatrical things that she's written, you can check out her stuff on BookThingo, where she is a regular romance reviewer as well as resident academic. She writes a weekly column for Momentum Moonlight on romance, as well as a weekly recap of The Bold and the Beautiful. You can also check out SparkleScene, where she is a regular guest on the podcast.

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